We Will Be Okay

We Will Be Okay

We Have Come Through This Before and We Will Again

Thousand Oaks, the Conejo Valley, and our friends and neighbors in Malibu, Simi Valley, the San Fernando Valley and surrounds have been through a devastating week. And it's not over. It is disorienting, terrifying, and heartbreaking all at once. It's more than we should have to bear. But we will bear it. This community has been through trials before, and we have shown who we are. We who live and work and have businesses here know what kind of strength underlies this community. We will come together. We will reach out and help one another. Those of us who have suffered some loss and inconvenience will support those who have lost almost everything. We'll come back from this because we will settle for nothing less. Don't wait to be asked. Find someone who needs your help and offer it.

Tim and Darci Adams

We will be okay

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