Bodyguard E40 Elliptical

Bodyguard E40 Elliptical

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Bodyguard E40 Elliptical $1799

DEAL OF THE WEEK – Save $400 on the Bodyguard E40 Elliptical *

This week we are featuring the Bodyguard E40 Elliptical once again as our Deal of the Week! Regularly $2199.99, you can save 18% this week at RX Fitness. The Bodyguard E40 has all the benefits of a heavy-duty platform frame in a space efficient footprint. The E40 is simple to use. Just get on and go! A space-saving design and focus on quality make this a great choice for those who want a smooth ride without unnecessary bells and whistles..

X-Comfort footpads provide improved foot support, blood circulation and general comfort during exercise and its space efficient design makes the Bodyguard E40 the elliptical of choice for those with a limited workout area. Plus, the K2 electromagnetic system is fixed and has no moving parts, which greatly enhances reliability and durability. It also offers a much wider range of resistance, allowing the same piece of equipment to be suitable for rehab work as well as strength training.

Features of the Bodyguard E40 Elliptical

Bodyguard E40 Elliptical $1799 at RX Fitness

  • Stride Length Flexibility
  • 1.75” Pedal Spacing
  • X-Comfort Footpads
  • K2 Electromagnetic Resistance System
  • Digital Contact Heart Rate
  • Silicone Keys
  • Interactive X-Technology
  • Stride Length: 20"
  • Chromed Steel 50lb Flywheel
  • Removable Urethane Footpads
  • Brake Pad Resistance
  • 350 pounds Weight Capacity

Digital Contact Heart Rate

Bodyguard’s Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensors offer far more accurate Heart Rate readings than standard analog sensors. Also, our dual sensor plates provide improved contact readings, which is a big advantage for users who traditionally get intermediate contact heart rate readings due to “soft” pulses in the hands.

Heart Rate Control Programs

Bodyguard Fitness offers a range of fully customizable Heart Rate Control programs ideal for both beginners and advanced users that will help maximize the results from each and every workout. From fixed Target Heart Rate workouts to Heart Rate Interval Training (only available on certain models) that moves the user through various zones there is something for everyone no matter the exercise level.

Working out in a specific heart rate zone that suits your training needs is a great way to ensure you are not under training or over training, both of which can greatly limit your ability to meet your fitness goals. After selecting the desired workout zone or zones in the case of Heart Rate Interval workouts, users may fine-tune their selection by both % of Maximum Heart Rate or by selecting an exact Target Heart Rate value within that zone. Furthermore, treadmill users can then choose the Mode in which the machine will adjust to maintain the user at their desired Target Heart Rate.

Natural Motion Pattern

Bodyguard’s unique stride pattern has been engineered to simulate a jogger’s motion and offers a smooth, fluid feel that is extremely natural for users. The pedal action has been carefully refined so there are no sharp rises or dips allowing the user to exercises with a straight back throughout the full range of motion if they so choose.

Save 18% on the Bodyguard E40 Elliptical – This Week Only!

This Deal of the Week is an outstanding value on an excellent elliptical. Normally $2199.99, you'll save $400 the Bodyguard E40 this week. Pick up this deal while you can! RX Fitness continues to bring you the best fitness equipment at the best prices. Bring us your fitness goals and your budget and we’ll help you find exactly the perfect piece of equipment to fit both. Call us today, or stop by the store in Thousand Oaks. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.

* This offer will begin on Thursday, July 13, 2017 and remain available until close of business on Wednesday, July 19, 2017. Purchase must be made in our store in Thousand Oaks.
No phone or internet orders. Shipping is not included.

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