Bodyguard W-45 Rower

Bodyguard W-45 Rower

Brand new for 2016, the W-45 Rower introduces a wide range of never before seen comfort and performance features.
Target Watts Programming – Known as the “Anti-Cheat” program. Guarantee your results without the need of a chest strap.
Heart Rate Control Programs – Take the guess work out of your training and exercise at the exact intensity your body desires.
Power: Plug-In 120VAC
Resistance: Dual Air & Magnetic
Seat Height: 19.5" / 50 cm
Pedal Straps: Premium Quick Lock/Release
Cord: Maintenance Free Nylon
Max. User Weight: 350 lbs (158 kg)
Folded Dimensions: 54"L x 18"W (136 x 45 cm)

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Console – The W-45 rower features a blue LCD display consisting of a 16 x 8 dot profile surrounded by information windows showing the parameters of the exercise under way and a message center at the bottom of the screen that scrolls information during and after a workout.

Programs – The W-45 console has 25 different programs sorted into 6 categories. Each category provides a different type of training that affects the body in a different way.

The 6 different program categories are Manual, Race, Profile, Watt, HRC & User (Custom).

The Manual Program allows users to set a workout goal (Time, Distance, Calories or Strokes) prior to commencing the workout.

The Race Program allows you to preset the speed of an opposition rower (PC) and then compete against them over a desired distance. The Race program provides excellent motivation as the console displays flashing dots to represent the rowers as they race cross the screen during the workout.

The Profile Program category consists of 12 preset workout profiles that automatically change the resistance intensity throughout the program. The user can select a desired goal for the workout, which will be equally divided up into the 16 segments on the profile. There are a range of Interval and Hill simulations including in this category.

The Watts Program allows the user to preset a level of effort to maintain for the entire workout. During the program the resistance intensity is automatically adjusted based on the stroke rate and power to ensure the user maintains the desired level until the workout goal is met. The Watts program adjusts the resistance intensity in the same way the HRC program does except it uses the Watts parameter as opposed to the Pulse parameter to determine when to make intensity changes. This makes the Watts program a great alternative to HRC training for users who do not have or like wearing a wireless Heart Rate chest strap.

The Heart Rate Control (HRC) Program allows the user to preset a desired pulse level (Target Heart Rate) to maintain throughout the entire workout. During the program the resistance intensity is automatically adjusted to ensure the Target Heart Rate is maintained until the workout goal is met. The user’s pulse is monitored via a wireless heart rate chest strap transmitter, which must send a continuous signal throughout the program.

The 5 User (Custom) Programs allow the user to design their own program profile so they can complete a customized workout. The 16 segments can be preset to desired resistance intensity levels and stored for later use.

Target Watts Programming

This unique program allows the user to set a target output of wattage they wish to constantly achieve. The console will then constantly adjust the resistance as the stride rate changes so that they always are producing the targeted wattage output. That way, if the user slows down there stride rate then the console will automatically increase the resistance so that the targeted wattage is maintained. Alternatively, if the stride rate increases causing the wattage to go above the target then the resistance will be reduced to offset the change in stride rate. It’s for this reason that Target watts is known as an “anti-cheat” program because once set, if a user gets a little lazy and reduces their effort then the console will automatically increase the resistance so you have to achieve your target. The Target Watts program is a great alternative to Heart Rate Training for people who do not like to wear the chest straps. Simply set the Target Watts to a level that achieves your desired heart rate and the unit will then keep you there for the entirety of the workout.

Heart Rate Control Programs

Bodyguard Fitness offers a range of fully customizable Heart Rate Control programs ideal for both beginners and advanced users that will help maximize the results from each and every workout. From fixed Target Heart Rate workouts to Heart Rate Interval Training (only available on certain models) that moves the user through various zones there is something for everyone no matter the exercise level.

Working out in a specific heart rate zone that suits your training needs is a great way to ensure you are not under training or over training, both of which can greatly limit your ability to meet your fitness goals. After selecting the desired workout zone, users may fine-tune their selection by both % of Maximum Heart Rate or by selecting an exact Target Heart Rate value within that zone.


2016 Product Limited Warranty

(Product Number beginning F1 & Serial Number beginning with 66. Previous year's products are covered by the warranty terms and conditions of that year.)

Bodyguard Fitness warrants all new Bodyguard Fitness products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty periods set forth below. The warranty periods begin on the invoice date of the original purchase. This warranty applies only against defects discovered within the warranty period and extends only to the original purchaser of the product. Parts repaired or replaced under the terms of this warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period only. To claim under this warranty, the owner must make the affected product available for inspection by Bodyguard Fitness or its service representative. Bodyguard’s obligations under this warranty are limited as set forth below.

Residential Warranty

Model 45 series

Frame & Treadmill Drive Motor – Lifetime
Limited Parts – 10 years
Limited Labor – 3 years
Bonus Wear – 2 years

Commercial Warranty

Model 45 series

Maximum Usage (average) – 3 hours/day
Frame – Lifetime
Limited Parts – 3 years
Limited Labor – 1 years

Note: All regular shipping charges for parts under warranty are covered by Bodyguard Fitness.