Myth or Fact? Exercise Will Help Combat Aging

Myth or Fact? Exercise Will Help Combat Aging

Can Exercise Help You Combat Aging?

How does exercise combat aging?

By now, it’s well known that exercise is not only a treatment for many common ailments, but should be incorporated into every individual’s regular routine. Can exercise help combat aging? The short answer is, yes. This is mainly because exercise is good for the body in general. Exercise has a myriad of benefits and they are worth exploring. Once you understand the many bonuses and perks exercising has to offer and how easy it is to do, you’ll feel more motivated to kick up your own routine. It may not make you young again, but it can make you feel younger than your years.

Ward Off the Effects of Aging

You may not be able to stop your clock by exercising but you can at least slow the ticking. Research has found that regular physical activity can reduce inflammation caused by aging, can reduce your risk of certain diseases and conditions, can reduce loss of muscle mass, and much more! Not only that, but exercise can make you look younger! The effects of a steady fitness routine are impressive and well worth pursuing! Regular exercise is the closest thing to that age-reversing magic solution that everyone’s always dreaming about. Yes. Exercise can help combat aging.

A Few Ways Exercise Can Help

Exercise gives you energy – Exercise puts your body in a state of alertness. Your body must wake itself up to maintain increased awareness. Overtime, this leads to greater vitality for you and a greater sense of well being as you find tasks require less and less energy.

Exercise improves posture – Have you heard that old joke about how the the older you get, the closer to the ground you get as well? Muscle and bone density loss are natural to the aging process. This causes slouching and bent backs. You can preserve your posture by exercising, particularly through strength training which builds the core and spine muscles.

Exercise improves your flexibility – Worried about creaky bones in the future? Concentrate on improving your flexibility! Aging causes your muscles and joints to stiffen, making it harder to move around and do certain tasks. It’s certainly no way to live a vibrant life. Regular workouts, particularly those which include stretching, help loosen up your muscles and reduce rigidity in the long run.

Exercise increases happiness – Yes, there is a direct correlation between exercising and being in a better mood. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which can trigger other value neurotransmitters such dopamine. Happier people live longer!

Does exercise help combat aging?

Exercise improves sleep quality – This is something most people don’t think about but exercise does help to improve your sleep! Sleep does wonders for the human body and getting the proper amount of rest can help combat aging. It’s the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. High quality sleep helps keep your body functioning at optimum levels. When you exercise, your body needs to restore itself so it naturally falls asleep more easily. Moreover, those who exercise are far more likely to experience REM sleep, which is the most restful and invigorating type of sleep.

Exercise increases your metabolism – Ever notice how some people can eat seemingly whatever they want and never gain weight? That person is blessed with a quick metabolism, which converts more food into energy, keeping the pounds off. Metabolism slows naturally as you age, so exercise is your best bet for staving it off. Plus, the more muscle you have, the higher your calorie burn rate will be, meaning you burn calories more easily all day long even when you’re just walking around!

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