Pepperdine Project Redux

Pepperdine Project Redux

The Pepperdine Project is Completed

We are very happy to announce that the Pepperdine Project – the new fitness facility at Pepperdine University – is now complete and open for business.

RX Fitness Equipment began our working partnership with Pepperdine University in 2017. The goal – move the student gym into a new, temporary building and equip it with the latest and most technologically advanced pieces available.

By 2020, we had determined the size and location of the new facility. Robb Bolton, Director of Campus Recreation and Esports and Amanda Knight, Coordinator of Fitness and Wellbeing at Pepperdine, worked with RX Fitness founder and equipment expert, Tim Adams, to review the latest fitness equipment and hand pick each piece that would ultimately find a place in the new Fitness Center.

It was clear to everyone from the beginning that this installation was to be a temporary location, perhaps 5 to 6 years, until the new, final Fitness Center is constructed above the cafeteria ... a much larger facility which will then be fitted with the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Working with RX Designer Darci Adams, a floor layout was finalized and each piece of newly chosen equipment was assigned an exact location in the new temporary gym.

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To be honest, the process of designing, building, and equipping this facility took far longer than any of us expected due to the overall slowdown of inspections, construction efforts, and supply chains affected by the COVID pandemic. But, in the end, the resulting gym turned out to be beautiful, functional and exceeds all industry standards.

Our attention now turns to the design and layout of what will become the new gym at Pepperdine. This new facility will be larger and will include several additional areas, including a therapy section. We're excited about the new project and we are working diligently to earn Pepperdine's business again. It has proven to be an excellent partnership. Thank you to everyone at Pepperdine Campus Recreation!

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