The Aviron Rower

The Aviron Rower

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Aviron Rower

RX Fitness Equipment was one of earliest retailers to offer and stock the Aviron Rower line of products. We immediately recognized that this rowing machine represents a significant leap forward in interactive connected fitness. We were delighted to see the recent article by CNN about the advances in home exercise equipment that Aviron is an important part of and we decided to share it with our readers. We have included excerpts below along with a link to the entire article. We hope you enjoy it, and remember that you can see and test drive the Aviron Rowers at any of our three RX Fitness Equipment retail stores.

The Aviron Rower actually makes rowing in place a fun workout

By Ashley Mateo, CNN Underscored
Updated 10:02 AM EDT, Wed July 27, 2022

"Rowing machines have long been one of the least accessible home gym machines. For years, they seemed destined to remain utilitarian, clunky and — sorry — boring, even as comparable pieces of equipment like the treadmill and stationary exercise bike received futuristic updates that propelled them from the gym to people’s living rooms.

Over the past two years, though — thanks to technology advancements and an unprecedented surge in equipment for working out at home — rowers have joined the 21st century, incorporating competitive games, automatic resistance adjustments to approximate wind and water conditions and immersive workouts filmed on scenic waterways around the world.

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The $2,199 Aviron Impact Series rower offers all of the above in addition to a sturdy, folding frame made from steel and aluminum and a dual air and magnetic resistance system that combines the real-world feeling of rowing on water with smooth magnetic resistance. But Aviron leans heavily into the gamification of fitness, using gaming psychology to keep users entertained. And you know what? It really works. Of course, like most other home gym platforms. accessing all the extra content will cost you — and that includes the games, competitions and guided programs. Aviron’s monthly fee is $25 (cheaper than Hydrow’s $38 and Ergatta’s $29 subscriptions), but without a membership you can still row and track your metrics (including watts, distance, calories, pace, output, strokes, stroke rate and elapsed time) and progress over time.

The Gaming Approach

Aviron’s approach to fitness is driven by entertainment. Instead of live and on-demand classes led by professional rowers or trainers, Aviron’s content library holds 14 video games and hundreds of other gamified workout programs and arcade-inspired games.


Aviron’s philosophy is one in which you “choose your own adventure” — and that goes beyond the video game-esque competitions. There’s also a section called Power Play, where you can find more fitness-focused games that challenge you to stay within a certain watt range, maintain a certain split time or hold your stroke rate. You can even race against progressional athletes in prerecorded workouts.

Bottom Line

Staying motivated while working out is tough, especially when you’re in one place. You’ll find all the basic features of most modern rowers (immersive workouts, automatic adjustments, smooth and quiet resistance) in the Aviron Rower, at a comparable price to other high-end models."

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See The Aviron Rower at RX Fitness

As we pointed out at the top of this post, we have only included a few excerpts from the CNN article. If you would like to read the entire article, you can find it here. Call us or stop by any of our three locations to appreciate the look and feel of the Aviron Rower line of equipment in person.

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