The Food Pushers

The Food Pushers

Effective Strategies for Dealing with Food Pushers

avoiding food pushers

Food pushers are everywhere. As the saying goes, 90% of getting fit occurs in the kitchen. What you put in your body is essential to getting fit and achieving your fitness goals. However, it can be hard to eat right. Between daily living and the struggles of social obligations, we are confronted with a barrage of choices when it comes to food. It is remarkably easy to cave in and eat less than healthy foods, particularly when you have friends or family pushing you to eat. How does one handle these “food pushers?” How do you get people to respect your nutritional choices? Here are some tips!

Avoid Saying You’re on a Diet

People can be remarkably petty when it comes to other people’s initiatives to better themselves, and everyone has at least one food pusher in their family. The term “diet,” although it simply means the food you eat each day, seems to have become a dirty word for some people. Food pushers can be well-meaning friends and family, or even strangers. They often scoff when you mention a diet and they may even try to convince you that you need to “live a little” or that one treat “can’t hurt you.” Or your mention of a diet could be interpreted as some method of “humble bragging.” Either way, try to avoid the term altogether. Food pushers can see it as a challenge.

Food Pushers Will Take "No" for an Answer

"I'm not hungry." This phrase is a great one to use at all social gatherings that aren’t specifically centered around food, such as parties, meetings, etc. If you aren’t going out to a dinner party or similar event, eat beforehand and when offered desserts or unhealthy treats, simply say, “Thanks, but I’m not hungry. I've already eaten.” Then quickly change the subject and ask the person you’re talking with something about themselves, such as, “By the way, how was your trip back East?”

Your answer to the food pushers.

It Doesn’t Sit Well With Me

No one wants to hear the nitty-gritty of your digestive issues, but when someone offers you something unhealthy, such as pizza, simply say “Thank you, but pizza doesn’t really agree with my stomach.” Then, again, change the subject!

Bring Your Own Food To Share

When appropriate, bring your own food. Be sure to bring enough to share. Bring a few things that are healthy and that you love, and that you know other people will like, too! Become the food pusher for healthy snacks!

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