Rowing Machine Exercise

Rowing Machine Exercise

7 Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

rowing machine exercise

Even if you’ve never even been in a canoe or a kayak, you can get a phenomenal workout from a rowing machine. Rowing machine exercise does a great job of toning the upper body and improving your cardiovascular health. We've put together a list just a few of the many benefits of utilizing a rowing machine as part of your workout regimen?

  • An Awesome Upper Body Workout – As we mentioned above, a rowing machine does a great job of toning and building up your upper body. Your upper body muscles including your lats, deltoids, traps and rhomboids will all benefit from the repetitive motion. It’s also a great way to gain confidence in the way you look in a sleeveless shirt!
  • Remove Upper Back Fat – An accumulation of fatty tissue in your upper back isn’t just embarrassing; it can also be a sign that your metabolism is in bad shape. Hormonal problems can accelerate fat accumulation and be difficult to reverse. Rowing machines can target your upper back muscles to decrease fatty tissue, improve your metabolism and boost your overall health.
  • Burn More Calories – Did you know that rowing can burn more calories in a short amount of time than other cardio workouts like running? On average, 10 minutes spent on a rowing machine can burn a whopping 100-200 calories depending on the resistance level, intensity and your weight.
  • Increase Endurance – Even if you participate in another type of workout more frequently, rowing can help you to increase your endurance and consequently improve your other sporting pursuits as well! Your muscles will learn the “rowing” motion that you make and become stronger over time. On a high-quality rowing machine, there are numerous resistance options so that you can always mix things up.
  • Help Your Heart and Lungs – Two of your most important organs don’t always get enough love during the average workout. Because rowing is so demanding on the body, it gets your heart rate up and forces you to exert yourself. When you are sweating and working hard, your body will take in more oxygen to compensate. Your heart will work even harder in response. Giving your heart and lungs a workout is a good thing, as it helps to strengthen them and make it easier to push yourself in the future.
  • rowing machine exercise

  • Reduce Your Risk – Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy working out, there’s a good chance that you do it anyway to reduce your risk of chronic disease or illness. Many chronic diseases are tied to upper body fat, excess weight and poor cardiovascular health. By targeting these risk factors through rowing, you can reduce your risk for a broad range of conditions.
  • Improve Your Posture – Rowing exercises can help improve your posture if you are doing them correctly. Great posture will help you be more comfortable in your daily life, appear taller and keep your spine in proper alignment. Many people today have poor posture from sitting at desks and staring at computers, and a rowing machine can help to counteract that.

Rowing Machine Exercise – How Do I Choose a Machine?

That's a good question. First, you never want to purchase a major piece of exercise equipment, including a rowing machine, without giving it a hands-on test drive. We're happy to let you kick the tires and take a spin on any piece of equipment in our store. We have rowing machines from the top manufacturers, and can almost certainly find the one that fits your needs and your budget. Stop by and talk to one of our specialists.

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