Spring Exercise Ideas

Spring Exercise Ideas

Try These Great Spring Exercise Ideas!

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The time has moved forward an hour, the sun is out, and we're well into Spring! Spring, with its great weather and balmy temperatures, is a great season for outdoor exercising. The great outdoors offers plenty of opportunity for spicing up your workout routine. Get some quality fresh air and put some spring back into your step with these great Spring exercise ideas. With the first day of Summer officially less than a month away, there's still time to enjoy some great outdoor exercises before the temps start to climb.

Get in With the Fish

With the blowing away of winter’s chill (okay, there was a little, even in Southern California) urban swimming pools are starting to look more and more attractive. If you weren’t a swimmer before, now’s a great time to start. Swimming will not only provide you with a unique break from your typical Spring exercise regimen, but it will get you a full-body workout as well. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. It’s great for your arms, legs, and core! Plus, by swimming regularly, you’ll be plenty ready for Summer beach weather.

Jogging is a Great Spring Exercise

After being cooped up much of the Winter, getting outside is a must. Jogging is a great way to combine your Spring exercise routine with fresh air. It’s a fantastic means to a great cardio workout, and will help you build endurance. You can explore new parts of the city by jogging there. Jog to your morning coffee stop, jog to or from the gym, and combine other errands with your jog.

Walk It Off

It’s Spring. The day lasts longer and the weather is great. When possible, why not make walking a regular part of your Spring exercises? Take an outdoor stroll and enjoy your local neighborhood, or walk to your errands instead of driving. If you live close enough, consider walking to work. Swap commuting for walking whenever possible. The positive effects won’t be immediate, but they’ll sneak up on you quickly. Soon, you’ll find you have more energy and can walk longer and faster with little additional effort.

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Join a Club

Many clubs resume activities or begin new classes, seminars, meet-ups, etc. in the Spring, making Spring a great window of opportunity for newcomers. You can find a club for nearly every interest under the sun. Join a swimming club, running club, a cycling club, or anything else that appeals to you. Clubs make exercising fun and are a good way to meet new friends!

Take a Hike

Now that the weather is pleasant and the sun is out longer, you have more opportunities than ever to explore. There is no Spring exercise better than taking a break from the city by hiking your local trails. The experience of being in nature is very therapeutic, while hiking itself is great for building endurance and burning off calories. If you’re embarking on a relatively smooth trail, you might also consider bringing your dog along.

Hit the Road or the Trail With Your Bike

Bicycling is not only a fun Spring exercise, it has huge health benefits as well. Spring is a great time to start cycling around town. Cycle by yourself, with friends, or with a club. You’ll get the benefits of strengthened bones, increase muscle strength and flexibility, better endurance, and improved posture and coordination. If you really get into it, you can even consider making your bicycle a frequent means of transportation. You’ll save money, plus you'll get a workout in while you go about your daily activities. It’s a win-win!

Remember to Take It Slow

Many people experience a lull in their fitness routine during Winter. With dreary weather and sometimes biting temperatures, depending on where you live, it’s understandably difficult for many to find the motivation to go the gym. If you’re one of those who take a Winder break from your fitness routine, don’t fret. Spring means you can reset your fitness regimen and get the ball rolling again easily. Just take it slow. Don’t try to spend multiple hours a day working out just because the weather’s nice and you're anxious to get going on your new Spring exercise routing. Make a reasonable workout schedule for yourself, and stick to it. Make modest increases in the difficulty and intensity of your workout. Add a few extra pounds to your weights, add five minutes to your cardio workout, and so on. Starting small and taking it slowly are key to preventing demotivation, burnout, or even injury.

Always Stay Safe

It’s important that you take proper precautions if you’ll be exercising frequently outside. First of all, wear proper sun protection. This includes sunscreen, long sleeves if necessary, and UV-protectant sunglasses. Shielding yourself from the sun will not only help prevent sunburn, it will ward off sun poisoning and help keep your skin healthy and blemish free. Secondly, and most importantly, you should be drinking lots of water. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just an average moderate fitness buff, staying hydrated is key to keeping healthy. Good ol’ H2O will do the trick just fine, but if you find it difficult to drink enough water, don’t feel guilty about reaching for the flavored stuff. Do whatever it takes to keep hydrated, particularly when exercising outdoors! Staying hydrated and safe from the sun will keep you healthy, safe, and will let you get the most out of your reactivated Spring exercises.

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