Stay Fit While Traveling

Stay Fit While Traveling

How to Stay Fit While On the Road

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Whether you’re on a business trip or on vacation, there are a lot of things to think about while on the road and how to stay fit while traveling is not usually one of them. You might not have a problem eating right and working out when you’re at home, but as soon your environment changes, the order and routine that went with it seems to be forgotten. But managing to stay fit while traveling is actually not the arduous task it might seem. And staying fit while on vacation is vital to keeping yourself in shape. Breaking your routine, even for just a few days or weeks, can set back all your gains, confuse your body (which has become accustomed to a disciplined existence) and put you back at square one.

Distractions From Staying Fit

Traveling is a danger to even the most disciplined. Your surroundings change, your schedule is disrupted and you’re often surrounded by a lot unhealthy food. All the things essential to maintaining your routine are missing or have been replaced by something new. If you’re on a business trip, you might be busy all day. You could be seduced into thinking that, because you're working so hard, it's okay to skip a day or two of your exercise regime. Similarly, if you're on holiday, you’re likely to fill up your schedule with “must-do” vacation activities; swimming, sightseeing, etc. You may get lured into the easygoing beach mentality, one that insists that you’re on vacation and you should “relax.” You should certainly relax, but relaxing doesn’t mean you should completely slack off. It just means you need to find creative ways to stick to your routine and meet your daily goals.

How to Pack For Road Fitness

One trick to help you stay fit while traveling is to plan ahead, by packing ahead. Don’t just figure out which clothes to put in your bag, pack food and fitness accessories as well. A jump rope, for example, is light and small and it’s a great way to get in a little exercise just about anywhere. An exercise or yoga mat is light, doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to unroll to set up an exercise spot in your hotel room. Weights aren’t even necessary. There are dozens of highly effective bodyweight exercises you can do instead. Running shoes are easy to pack, and jogging, which requires nothing but ground beneath your feet, provides great cardiovascular workout. Plus, not only does this stretch out your travel-weary muscles, it allows you to get your bearings in a new place. There’s no better way to get a feel for your surroundings and the layout of a foreign city than by jogging through it.

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Traveling can also involve a lot of food that you might not indulge in at home. Because one is often required to spend a lot of time waiting while traveling; in airports, for buses, in lines at tourist attractions, hunger subconsciously replaces boredom. You might think you’re hungry when, in fact, you’re only eating to make the time pass quicker. But a blueberry muffin here and an ice cream bar there begins to add up. Instead, load up your bags with healthy snacks you can easily carry around all day, whether you’re going to a conference or on an excursion. Pack things that are high in nutrients and protein and are healthful and will keep you full longer. Tuna and cracker packets, nuts, and high-protein meal replacement bars and shakes are all good choices.

Have a Plan to Stay Fit While Traveling

Traveling is uncertain. There are pitfalls and road stops, and you never know just what’s going to interrupt your day. Things might go exactly according to plan, or your schedule could fall completely apart. Your surroundings, meals and hotel rooms are all potential surprises. With many things potentially in flux, it’s important to keep some things, like your exercise routine, a constant. Make a promise to yourself that you will find at least one hour every other day to exercise. Don’t let yourself come up with excuses. Do whatever it takes to make sure you get that hour in, even if you have to wake up early or exercise late at night to get it done.

Try For a Full Body Workout

The best way to keep in shape is by doing full body workouts. Why? It’s simpler, easier, and harder to mess up. That is, with a full body workout, you know you’re getting in the necessary exercise you need during the workout. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s “arms day” or “legs day.” And if you miss a day, you won’t throw your workout schedule off course for that week. This is crucial when trying to stay fit while traveling.

Bodyweight exercises will take care of most of your workout needs. Look around for something that will substitute for a pullup bar. Between bodyweight exercises, light jogging and jumprope, you’ll be able to stay happy and healthy, no matter how far away or how long you travel!

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