Add Kettlebells to Your Workout

Add Kettlebells to Your Workout

Creative Ways to Add Kettlebells to Your Workout Routine

add kettlebells to your workout

We've posted often about kettlebells here, offering step by step instructions for many kettlebell exercises over the past few years. Kettlebells are an awesome tool to give your workout an even bigger impact and work strength training into a routine that may be lacking. Kettlebells are small, usually cast iron, ball-shaped weights with a single handle. They can be purchased in a broad range of weights and sizes – even colors. Here, we've listed a few creative ways to add kettlebells to your workout without disrupting your routine.

Why Add Kettlebells?

You may be saying to yourself, "Okay, so kettlebells may be easy to add to my workout routine, but why does that mean I should?" There are a lot of good reasons to include kettlebells in your regime other than the fact that they're easy to add. Kettlebells offer a type and quality of workout that may be harder to achieve with your more typical exercises. Here's our short list of reasons you should consider kettlebells.

  • Stronger joint stability, which reduces your chance of injury
  • Increase your speed and power
  • Boost your mobility so that you can move through a greater range
  • Improve the condition and strength of your heart and lungs without doing high-impact cardio
  • Thanks to the versatile workout kettlebells provide, you can improve your muscle size and strength
  • A different, fun way of getting a great workout
  • Reduce injuries associated with muscle overuse thanks to the use of different movement patterns
  • Kettlebells are very cost-effective when compared to less versatile exercise equipment pieces and tools

4 Ways to Add Kettlebells to Your Workout Routine

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  • Replace Your Existing Exercises – Kettlebells can be used to replace existing dumbbell or barbell exercises that you do in your workout. For example, instead of doing a dumbbell overhead press, you can perform a kettlebell overhead press. Instead of a dumbbell lunge, try for a kettlebell lunge. The kettlebell could also be used to switch up your upper body and lower body routines. Try performing your upper body exercises with kettlebells and your lower body exercises with traditional barbells.
  • Warm Ups – Kettlebell training is an awesome way to get your body warmed up and your muscles activated before your workout. Some of the best kettlebell exercises for your warm ups include Turkish get ups, halos, slingshots, windmills and single leg deadlifts. You can combine different kettlebell exercises in sets to create a thorough and dynamic warmup that will ensure you are fully stretched out and ready to go for whatever exercises you have planned.
  • Conditioning – Kettlebells are excellent tools for making your cardio more challenging and conditioning your body. A swing or clean and press, when added into your current routine at any time, can help add more elements to your training for a well-rounded workout. Kettlebell exercises also don’t take much time, so you could add a major dose of conditioning without dramatically increasing the amount of time you’ll be working out for.
  • Swapping a Training Day – How do you break up your training currently? If you already have a schedule of sports or running or weight training, replacing one of those days with a kettlebell training day is an easy way to quickly work in this exercise equipment. What are your weaknesses? If you’re a runner, one of your problem areas could be your hamstrings. Think about the types of movement you utilize in your sport or exercise of choice (pulling, squatting, pushing, lunging, etc.) and then think about which kettlebell exercises could help you to improve that weak area.

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