Develop Grip Strength

Develop Grip Strength

A Few Tips to Help You Develop Grip Strength

Develop grip strength now

Making sure that you develop grip strength is almost as important to your strength training as lifting all those weights. As you begin to move up in weight and make your way to more advanced exercises, such as pull ups and deadlifts, you’ll find that the strength of your hands becomes more important than you may have realized. You can’t afford to be slipping and sliding because your grip isn’t practiced enough to keep you in the game. Plus, there's the added benefit that everyone respects a firm handshake. Here are some tips to help you build your grip strength over time.

Don’t Rely on Grip Crutches

Tools like wrist straps and other grip aids might make exercising a little easier, they actually make developing grip strength more difficult. Using these aids encourages a weak grip. For a few weeks, go down a bit in weight and lift without these aids. This will help you develop grip strength and you'll be back up to your usual weight soon and without the help of your trusty wrist straps.

Train Your Grip Regularly

You should be training your grip every day, or at least as often as possible. Any time you’re in the gym pulling or lifting anything, that’s an opportunity to train your grip. Try to incorporate pulls and its into your daily workout if you're not already. By lifting heavier weights, you can consolidate your workout and train your grip at the same time you're training arm muscles and other parts of your body. By incorporating more weight, you force your grip to improve. For pull-ups and bodyweight rows, switch grips every few reps so as to challenge yourself. Don’t forget to include exercises such as walking lunges with dumbbells, as these seemingly simple exercises are excellent opportunities to train your grip.

How you can develop grip strength

Use Grip Strength Builders

You can buy simple, inexpensive grip building tools which can be used at home or in your office. These tools may be squeezable clamps, towels, ropes, etc. Just a few reps with these tools each day can really improve your grip strength in a short time. A smart idea is to use these grip builders on the days you're not in the gym, so that you get grip-ready for gym day.

Be Patient

Building grip strength takes time! Consistency and persistence is key. Unlike training other muscles, you won’t be able to see your grip change. You’ll only be able to feel it. But when you do, it’ll be well worth the extra effort you've invested.

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