Strength Training Benefits

Strength Training Benefits

More Strength Training Benefits Than Just Building Muscle

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If you're looking to build muscle, then lifting weights is the ideal way to go. What may come as a surprise to you is that there are more strength training benefits than simply building up your muscles. Strength training delivers a wide variety of rewards and we'll explore some of them in this post.

Roughly 25% of American adults regularly exercise, but an even smaller number of them include strength training in their fitness routine. If you are in that group, then you need to read on to learn many of the additional benefits of strength training. Adding resistance to your daily routines will deliver results a whole lot quicker than you might expect. So let's talk about getting started with strength training and some of the many benefits it offers

7 Strength Training Benefits You May Not Know About

  1. Heart conditioning. – When you think of exercise that are good for the heart, you tend to think that cardio is the way to go. Cardio exercises are great, but strength training also works by reducing abdominal fat and other inflammation issues.
  2. Lower blood pressure. – Stroke and heart disease are just two issues connected to high blood pressure. Even if you are on medication for either of those health issues, you can get into a safer range by performing doctor approved strength training.
  3. Weight loss. – Even when you are doing nothing but sitting on the couch, muscle burns more calories than fat. Keep your eating under control and you will find it easier to shed excess weight.
  4. Improved balance. – If you are unsteady on your feet or just plain clumsy, strength training can help. Balance and posture are improved through strength training, plus bones become thicker and stronger.
  5. Better flexibility. – Much like stretching, lifting weights has a similar effect in that it improves flexibility, reduces stress, and allows for much more freedom of movement.
  6. Improved energy levels. – It can be a physical grind to get through your daily tasks when carrying around extra body fat. When you take that weight off, things that seemed tiring become easier.
  7. Feel better physically and mentally. – Regular exercise helps reduce anxiety and can be as effective as an antidepressant. The fact of the matter is that when you look fitter, you tend you tend to be happier, which in turn can help reduce the effects of aging.

How To Get Started with Strength Training

strength training benefits woman with dumbbells

  1. Pay attention to instructions. – You will get a lot of great benefits from strength training as long as you are using proper form. Visiting a trainer can help, but simply following instructions on proper form can help deliver results and prevent injuries.
  2. Take it slow. – It takes a minute for your body to adjust to strength training, so ease into it with lighter weights, gradually increasing the load as you become accustomed to the work. Don't rush your body into heavier weight than it can tolerate.
  3. Use heavy weight. – We know. This sounds counterintuitive to what we just said in our last point. But what we are saying is use the heaviest weights you can handle. Ideally, they should be heavy enough to make your last rep tough to complete. This is where a little professional advice and supervision can be helpful.
  4. Mix it up. – Rather than just lifting weights, also try using machines, body weight exercise and working muscles from different angles. Your body gets "accustomed" to things quickly, so it's best to use a variety of techniques to keep your routine fresh and effective.
  5. Get some rest. – Even when you're taking a day off, your muscles will still continue to grow. Take a break from the weights and perhaps go for a walk or a swim. Recovery is an important part of your fitness routine.
  6. Make life changes. – Exercising and strength training are great but for best results, make some other lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep at night, and managing stress. All of these steps play an important role in your overall well being.

Strength Training Benefits Your Mind And Body

As you can see, strength training benefits can be wide ranging and in addition to building muscle offer much for your overall health and fitness. But, in addition, you should opt for a well-rounded exercise routine that works your mind as well as your body. Take care of your physical, mental and emotional health and you will quickly see positive results.

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