Exercising on the Cheap

Exercising on the Cheap

Exercising on the Cheap – Low-Cost Ways to Stay Fit

Exercising on the cheap

We all want to stay fit and healthy, but not all of us are willing to pay expensive gym membership fees. In many urban areas, where gyms are in high demand and see a lot of traffic, membership can put a serious dent in your wallet. You may be tempted to brush off exercise because you can't afford, or don’t choose to pay, the high membership costs. Fortunately, it’s possible to keep fit without spending a lot of money. Here are a few easy and fun suggestions for exercising on the cheap!

You Can Always Exercise at Home

While your home may or may not be an ideal space for a workout, it can be done. You’d be surprised at the number of exercises, both with and without weights, that can be accomplished within a small space. With relatively little investment, you can outfit your home to accommodate all your fitness needs. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, all of it can be done from the comfort of your home.

Give Yourself Some Space

To make the most of an at-home exercise routine, clear a space of at least a few feet. Try to keep this space clear and uncluttered. If you have to move things every time you want to get a workout in, you may quickly lose motivation. Purchase a yoga or exercise mat online. This will give you a safe surface to work on and will bring a more professional feel to your workouts. With just a mat, you can do dozens of body weight exercises. For more impact, though, you can invest in a set of dumbbells. Buy two pairs: one at a weight level you can currently use and the next weight level up. This will give you something to work up to.

A few other possible purchases to consider adding to your home gym include balance balls, kettlebells, a jump rope, a doorway pull-up bar and instructional DVDs for pursuing yoga, pilates, dancing, or other routines usually requiring an instructor. All of these are on the low end of the cost scale and can provide hundreds of possibilities for your fitness regime. Exercising on the cheap is not hard once you give it a little thought.

Make Use of the Great Outdoors

Exercising on the cheap

With bodyweight exercises, you have all the tools you need to tone your muscles and build up new ones. However, you still need cardio in your life to burn fat, increase endurance, and get your blood pumping vigorously. For the most therapeutic cardio, you don’t need a boring treadmill. Go for a walk, jog, or run in your neighborhood. Find interesting sites that you can jog to and create weekend jogging outings. Look up local state parks and see where you can go hiking, which provides great exercise! You can also make these activities even more fun by going social with them. Join a runners group or find a hiking meet-up group. Such groups can easily be found on Facebook, meetup.org, and other social networking sites.

Public parks are another great resource. Many will have apparatuses or special equipment for exercisers. Children’s playgrounds are another good option — and no, they’re not just for kids! A few rounds on the monkey bars and pull-ups and chin-ups on the high bar will provide an excellent upper body workout. Your city might also have several public pools which can be accessed for free or a small fee. Swimming, fantastic for your body all around, is a great way to get in some cardio exercise and mix up your routine.

Explore the World Wide Web

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Internet has everything. Dig deeper into this blog and other websites for free resources that include many helpful tips, tricks, and guides for working out. A quick Google search will net you thousands of exercises you can do without a gym. You can find instructional videos, free eBooks and articles and more that will help you on your fitness journey. There are millions of people worldwide who prefer low-cost methods of exercise. Find and join these communities for additional help and support. Always keep in mind that there is no shortage of bad advice on the internet. Use due diligence in the information you choose to subscribe to and follow.

Exercising on the cheap, or for free, is completely doable. In fact, in this day and age it’s easy! With just a little time and research you can easily create your own economical exercise routine. Then, the key is sticking to it!

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