Mind-Body Exercise

Mind-Body Exercise

The Heart Health Benefits of Mind-Body Exercise

Yoga is an example of mind-body exercise

Mind-body exercise is explained by The Cleveland Clinic as follows: "the mind-body connection means that you can learn to use your thoughts to positively influence some of your body’s physical responses, thereby decreasing stress."

If you're looking for an exercise regime that can help you achieve a fit body as well as a healthy heart, you should perform exercises that target the body and mind. Too many people make the mistake of believing that a healthy body equals a healthy heart. Research reveals otherwise, however, as your mood and stress levels also play a role in the health of your heart. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout life will help you remain heart healthy. In order to keep heart disease at bay, you need to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and do all you can to avoid stress.

There are dozens of well-known disciplines that include mind-body exercise routines as a part of their rituals. Below are three that can help you lower stress and achieve a clear mind along with a healthy heart. Add one or more of these to your regular fitness regime, whatever it may be, and you'll enjoy even better overall results.

Yoga – A Favorite Mind-Body Exercise

Many of the biggest Hollywood stars have become hooked on yoga and the benefits it provides. You'll find that both your mind and body relax when you engage in the poses and breathing exercises that yoga delivers. One of the key elements of yoga is to achieve a sense of inner peacefulness. Adopting a regular yoga session will help you manage stress and anxiety.

Yoga was practiced by people in ancient times in an attempt to gain spiritual insight. Today’s yoga followers are more likely to be interested in the health benefits it provides. Research has shown that yoga can help regulate blood pressure, improve respiratory function, promote improved blood circulation, and help you achieve better overall heart health.

Pilates - Mind-Body Exercise for the Modern Era

Joseph Pilates was the creator of this form of exercise in the first half of the 20th century. His goal was to transcend the limitations of the physical body through exercise, and all without draining the energy reserves. At the heart of Pilates is the creation of balance between strength and flexibility. When done correctly, the technique unites body, spirit, and mind through the use of natural movements.

Pilates differ from traditional cardiac rehab programs in that it can actually help improve functional capacity in patients who have had heart failure problems in the past. The proof was delivered via a 16 week study that set out to show the connection between Pilates and good heart health. Participants in the study were asked to do a 30 minute cardio workout in combination with Pilates. The end result was improved oxygen levels in the blood and a lower resting heart rate.

Tai Chi – Another Ancient Discipline

This exercise is often referred to as "moving meditation." The movements are slow and controlled, with mental concentration and focus also a must. Your body gets a great workout and your life energy flow is improved. Research has shown that it helps improve heart function. Blood pressure and stress levels are also lowered.

If you're looking for a form of exercise that is low-impact and does not greatly affect the muscles and joints, Tai Chi may be for you. It is an exercise routine that people of all ages and fitness levels can take part in. There is also no need for exercise equipment and you can practice Tai Chi indoors or out.

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