Too Much Exercise

Too Much Exercise

How Much is Too Much?

Too much exercise

Could you be getting too much of a good thing? Just like most things in life, there can be such a thing as too much exercise. Unfortunately, many avid fitness enthusiasts don’t find that out until they’re feeling tired and overwhelmed during workouts. How much exercise is enough to reap the health benefits of regular activity? How much exercise is just excessive wear and tear on your body?

What's the Right Amount of Exercise?

For most healthy adults, experts recommend 150 minutes minimum of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week, or a combination of the two. Even small amounts of physical activity on a regular basis can add up for big results, so don’t be intimidated if 150 minutes seems like a high mountain to climb initially. Beyond aerobic exercise, you should also aim to do strength training for all of the major muscle groups two times a week.

What does moderate aerobic exercise look like? Swimming, mowing the lawn and brisk walking are all examples. Vigorous activity involves exercises where it is hard to talk while you’re doing them—aerobic dancing, running or jumping rope. Strength training can include free weights or the use of weight machines.

Too Much Exercise

Is your life now revolving around exercise? Are you enthusiastic about starting your workout but running out of gas partway through? The signs you’re exercising too much include:

    How much is too much exercise

  • You're doing the same routine without any changes for a long period of time, so you stop seeing changes in your body. By changing up speed, number of sets, reps, load, tempo and other aspects of the workout, you can get back to seeing results in a shorter amount of time.
  • Your heart rate remains elevated when you are not working out. Pushing too hard, overexercising and dehydration can all lead to a faster-than-normal heart rate and make you feel exhausted and worn out.
  • You're experiencing pain in your body on a regular basis. While some aching muscles are to be expected after a hard workout, if you are always sore it means that your body doesn’t have enough time to repair itself.
  • You are feeling lethargic and not enjoying your workouts anymore.

Find the Right Amount of Exercise for You

Everyone has an optimal threshold of exertion. It won't be the same every day and it will change over time, depending on how much or how little you work out. To figure out where your sweet spot is, "listen" to your body. It will usually tell you if you're working too hard or if you're giving yourself a pass. Try to exercise enough to achieve your fitness goals, but not so much that you leave yourself perpetually exhausted.

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