Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

8 Ways to Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

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Losing weight is not something that happens overnight, which is why patience is key. Even if you only need to lose a few pounds, it can take weeks for that weight to come off. Losing a lot of weight is a process that takes months or years to achieve and weight loss motivation will be critical to your success. There are going to be days where you plateau or you'll begin to feel that your weight loss goals are impossible. Staying motivated will help get you through those periods. The following tips will help to keep you motivated through your weight loss journey.

    Stay Inspired

  1. Find your favorite inspirational quote and place it somewhere that you will see it regularly. Refer to that quote on the days when your motivation is waning.
    • The bathroom mirror is a good place for quotes, as is the refrigerator. A quote on the fridge door might be enough to prevent you cheating on your diet.

    Monitor Your Progress

  2. Keep track of your progress from start to finish. It’s the best way to know if your efforts are paying off, plus seeing progress over a long time helps keep you motivated.
    • A journal or a progress app are both great. Choose the one that works best for you.
  3. Start a weight loss jar. A 2-pound weight loss is not going to make an impact on your overall appearance, so you might need some help to appreciate the progress being made.
    • Fill one jar with stones or marbles and sit an empty jar beside it. Every time you lose a pound, move a marble from the full jar to the empty one. It’s a simple and effective way to track your progress and stay motivated.

    Consider Professional Help

  4. Use the services of a personal trainer. It’s altogether too easy to skip your workout routine and catch up on the news or read a book. It becomes a little tougher to do that when you have a personal trainer there waiting for you to show up for an appointment.
    • A good trainer will help keep you accountable as they track your progress.

    A Friend Can Be Your Weight Loss Motivation

  5. Ask a friend to be your weight loss buddy. You can very much feel alone when you are one a weight loss journey, but with so many people looking to lose weight, finding a friend to exercise with should not be that difficult.
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  7. Invest in new workout gear. If you find that you are starting to lose motivation, invest in some new workout clothes. A change is as good as a rest.
  8. Understand why you want to lose weight. After weeks of exercise and dieting, it can be easy to forget why you started the journey. Create a list of reasons for losing weight and refer to that list whenever you lose motivation.
    • Maybe it your health that is the major reason for weight loss, or maybe you want to wear those old clothes that no longer fit. Every reason is valid, so don’t forget that.
  9. Reward yourself. If you have a huge weight loss goal, break it down into smaller, attainable goals. Each time you reach a goal, reward yourself in a healthy way. Perhaps a day at the spa might serve as a great reward.

Weight Loss Motivation Doesn't Happen By Accident

Weight loss motivation is one of the key elements in any weight loss program. It’s going to be a long journey, so find the things that motivate you and use them along with these tips to get the most out of your weight loss journey. Stay focused. Be kind to yourself. And let the weight loss begin.

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