Clean Eating – Part 4

Clean Eating – Part 4

Cooking Tips for Clean Eating

clean eating part 4 - vegetable kebabs

We're now at part four of our series on clean eating. In parts one, two and three, we explained the basics of what constitutes clean eating, gave you some simple guidelines to help you get started, and offered tips to help improve your food shopping routine. Today, we're moving on to cooking tips that should help you move closer to your goal of eating a clean diet. You should also download the accompanying free report, which includes all six parts of this blog series.

Clean eating is easier when you cook at home. You won’t have to worry about where ingredients came from because you've done the shopping and you've made careful choices. You should try to focus on raw foods and keep your meal plans as simple as possible in the beginning. The process will be much easier if you've already stocked your kitchen with all the "essentials." You'll also find the techniques below helpful.

Part Four – Cooking

  1. Frying is quick and easy but deep-fried foods are not healthy for you.
    • Frying in healthy fats is fine, but you need to steer clear of deep frying. Steaming or stewing are good alternatives to frying.
  2. Excessive salt is not healthy. Using salt to add flavor Is fine, but do not go overboard. Herbs and oils are healthier, flavorful alternatives to salt when creating meals.
  3. clean eating part 4 - kitchen knives

  4. Besides food, make sure that you have good pans and skillets on hand. These will help you make healthy, clean eating meals.
    • Chefs always sharpen their knives and have all the utensils they need at hand. That makes their job easier, and the same rules apply when cooking at home.
    • Consider getting a salad spinner to wash your raw fruits and vegetables.
  5. Use a thermometer. Occasionally check the temperature of your oven, making sure that it is accurate.
    • If you have an older oven, it may have temperature issues that could have an impact on recipes that require a precise temp for cooking. Using a thermometer ensures that you get an accurate reading every time.

The Right Ingredients Are Key to Clean Eating

Your cooking habits will change when you switch to clean eating. There will be no reason to do so much preparation when you begin using fresh foods. By mixing up your food and cooking options, you can always keep things fresh and exciting.

The cooking process will be easier and quicker when you have all the basic ingredients ready to go in your kitchen. Check out your kitchen tools to see if you are missing anything or have items that need to be replaced.

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Download Our Free Report

Clean Eating Report

This is installment number four in our series on clean eating. The entire series has been compiled into a report in PDF format. If you would like to download and read the entire report, you will find it HERE. We will continue with further installments of the report on this blog. Good luck and healthy eating.

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