Clean Eating – Part 6

Clean Eating – Part 6

Clean Eating Is Worth Your Effort

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In the sixth and final installment of our series, we're going to discuss why we think you should find clean eating worth changing your lifestyle. In parts one through four we explained the basics of clean eating, offered some guidelines for getting started, gave you some tips to improve your shopping habits and added a few cooking tips to help you become more creative. In part five, we offered ways to spice up your clean meals to suit your personal taste and make your them more appealing to everyone in the family.

As we've pointed out in previous installments of this series, clean eating is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. You need to change the way you cook, eat, and shop for groceries when you decide to eat clean. The main reason these changes are worth it is because they will improve your overall health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services performed a study called the “High Costs of Poor Eating Patterns in the United States,” which indicated that improved diets can save $71 billion in healthcare expenses. What that means is that you can very likely reduce your family's medical expenses by transitioning to a clean diet. We encourage you to download our accompanying free report, which includes all six parts of this blog series.

Part Six – Why Give Clean Eating a Try?

  1. Weight loss. By ditching processed foods and going with healthy, whole foods, the chances are good that you will lose weight.
    • You will find more nutrients in whole foods than you do in processed items. This helps keep hunger at bay, making it easier to make healthy food choices. Eating smaller meals also prevents you from loading up in excess calories that quickly add up.
  2. Clearer skin. Processed foods are packed with chemicals that are tough on your skin. That is not the case with whole foods.
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  4. Improved energy. With clean eating meals, you get a mixture of carbs, proteins, and fats that help deliver more energy.
  5. Improved immune system. When you eat clean, you cut out unhealthy fats and refined sugars that make you feel sluggish. Your immune system will get a boost from the addition of herbs and spices.
  6. Improved mood. A study called “On carrots and curiosity: Eating fruit and vegetables is associated with greater flourishing in daily life,” showed that adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet made people happier.
  7. Sleep better. A study carried out at the University of Chicago showed a connection between diet and sleep patterns. By eating clean, you can regulate your blood sugar and metabolism, both of which will help you sleep better.

You will see several health benefits when you begin to eat clean. This is not a diet plan that is about losing weight alone. Clean eating promotes a healthier mind and body, all of which will leave you feeling much better about yourself.

Clean Eating – In Conclusion

Eating clean means making a lifestyle change that begins with replacing processed foods with whole foods. Instead of greasy potato chips, eat trail mix that is loaded with nuts, seeds, and delicious flavorful spices. The next step after that is to adjust your shopping and cooking habits to fit your new life.

Given that this is a total lifestyle change, you need to move at a pace that is comfortable for you once you start eliminating processed foods. Adding fruits and vegetables is easy, but ditching chips and sugary snacks is tougher. Making a gradual change to clean eating will make it easier to embrace the move.

The benefits of clean eating are wide and varied and include improved mood and better sleeping habits. You will see your life change for the better when you make the move to clean eating.

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Download Our Free Report

Clean Eating Report

This is installment number six in our series on clean eating. The entire series has been compiled into a report in PDF format. If you would like to download and read the entire report, you will find it HERE. Good luck and healthy eating.

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