The Exercise Excuse

The Exercise Excuse

Overcoming the Second Most Common Exercise Excuse

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Of course, we all know there is not just one excuse for missing a workout. Human beings are very creative and great at making excuses for not exercising. "The exercise excuse" applies to whichever one you lean on the most to avoid working out. Limited time and not feeling comfortable when they work out sits at the top of most lists of "reasons" for slacking off on our fitness routines. The fact is, we're always going to be stuck with just 24 hours in a day, but scientists may have found a way for all of us to get off the couch and get fit.

Experts in the field of endurance believe that caffeine and other substances might diminish the feeling of effort when we exercise. It’s a controversial idea to be sure but one that may well prove to be widely accepted. While it may still be some time off from being a wholly embraced idea, there are some tips you can use to get active and change the way you feel about exercising and we've compiled a list of some of the best ones for your consideration.

Changing Your Attitude About Exercise

  1. Pat yourself on the back. Are you in the habit of being tough on yourself when you get out of the gym and feel sore and out of breath? Instead of taking a negative approach, do what athletes do and consider that being sore is a sign that you are putting in the effort to get fitter.
  2. Pay attention to the results. Every minute spent at the gym or pound of weight lost gets you one step closer to being fit and healthy.
  3. Keep a journal. One of the easiest ways to keep track of the progress you are making is to keep an exercise journal.
  4. Exercise with a friend. Exercising can feel like a solitary endeavor, which makes it hard to stay motivated. Working out with a friend is always a great idea.
  5. Make exercising a habit. Once you commit to exercising every day, you will start to do it without even thinking about it. Sneakers on and out the door in a flash.
  6. Get out of your head. If you constantly tell yourself that you dislike exercising, you will talk yourself out of doing it. Celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem.
  7. Be patient. You are probably looking at weeks of work before you see results, but when they come, you will see that it was well worth the wait.

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Go At Your Own Pace

  1. Know your limits. It’s good to want to exercise, but when you push your body beyond its limit, quitting seems like the best option. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.
  2. Start walking. One of the most effective ways to get in shape is walking. Start out with smaller distances and gradually increase your pace and time as you get fitter.
  3. Hit the pool. Exercising in the pool is a great way to get a low impact workout without fear of injury. Many local gyms now have pools if you can’t find a community pool in your area.
  4. Ride a recumbent bicycle. Take the pressure off your lower back and knees with this type of bike, which is another great way to exercise.
  5. Count all your activities. Cleaning your house, playing with the kids, and other physical activities are all things that will help burn calories and work your muscles.
  6. Get flexible with your schedule. Think about the time of day when you are least busy and have the most energy. Try and fit your workouts into those times.
  7. Use a fitness monitor. While you can get an idea of your heart rate based on your breathing, muscle pain, and other elements, a fitness tracker can give you a more accurate look at your vitals. A good tracker will let you know when you need to ease up or when you need to push a little harder.

Don't Let The Exercise Excuse Derail Your Fitness Goals

If you're enjoying your exercise regimen, it becomes that much easier to stick to the program. Taking a gradual approach to exercise will help you feel better about yourself in both mind and body. It will also help you build healthy habits. You may even begin to find less need to employ the exercise excuse. To your good health!

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