The Workout Habit

The Workout Habit

10 Steps to Developing a Workout Habit

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Everyone knows that regular exercise is great for your health. It's been shown to improve the overall quality of life by increasing energy, mobility and a general sense of well-being. Yet, even the fact that we know all of this doesn't seem to be enough to motivate most of us to make exercise a routine part of our daily lives. Developing a workout habit can be frustratingly tough for most of us. Knowing that you want to exercise is the first step, but motivating yourself to actually get up and do it can be easier said than done.

One Step At A Time

Helping you figure out how to make exercise a priority in your life and learn how to create and stick to a workout routine is the focus of the ten steps below. Getting into the habit of exercising can be easier than you may think. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to developing a workout habit.

  1. Set goals. – Rather than looking at weight loss as the metric, instead focus on the number of times you exercise each week as your goal. One goal may be to exercise for 30 minutes 5 times per week. It is worth remembering that the more frequently you do it, the easier it becomes to create a habit.
  2. Choose exercises that you enjoy. – If you don’t like being in the water, swimming is not going to be fun. Choose an exercise that feels more like fun than work.
  3. Find the best form of enjoyment. – If you choose walking, it can be a little dull to walk on a treadmill. Try talking to a friend while you walk, or perhaps set up your treadmill workouts in front of the TV when your favorite show is on. Group sports are also fun and a great form of exercise.
  4. Make exercise part of your weekly schedule. – It’s easy to skip exercising if you have a built-in excuse. Find gaps of time in your weekly schedule where you can fit in time to exercise. It becomes tougher to ignore when it’s part of your daily routine.
  5. Find a workout partner. – Again, it’s altogether too easy to talk yourself out of exercising, but that becomes tougher when you workout with a partner. You will not want to let that friend or family member down, so choose someone who has similar goals and who is reliable.
  6. Stay focused ahead of exercising. – One of the reasons we skip workouts, particularly if you don't exercise at home, has to do with all the steps involved. We may need to pack a bag, change into workout clothes, and get in the car and drive. These are things that we generally consider to be chores or obstacles. Put all of those thoughts out of your mind and focus on what is important, which is the actual exercise.
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  8. Have a rewards system in place. – Feeling good about exercising is half the battle, so give yourself a little pat on the back before, during, and after you work out. Use positive affirmations to “reward” yourself for a job well done. It may feel odd at first, but those positive rewards will soon have you feeling great about your progress.
  9. Think about the long-term results. – For the majority of people, the end goal of exercising is to look and feel better. Think about how you might look 6 months from now, or about the praise that you will get from people who see the results of your hard work.
  10. Don’t think of exercise in a negative way. – If you are constantly telling yourself that exercise is boring or that you don’t feel up to it, you will quickly talk yourself out of exercising. Try to catch yourself in those negative thoughts and switch them to something positive.
  11. Don’t stress over slips. – Even pro athletes end up skipping workouts now and then. Life will get in the way sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up, but also don’t miss that next scheduled workout. Once you skip two or three in a row, it becomes all too easy to give up entirely. Your workout habit can deteriorate into an occasional jog, or worse, disappear altogether.

A Workout Habit Doesn't Need To Be Hard

Losing weight and getting in shape is as tough as you want to make it. By following these tips and creating a workout habit, you will soon not need to think about staying motivated. Think of all the things that you do every day, such as showering or brushing your teeth and consider how you do those things without really giving them any thought – out of habit. Exercise can become the same kind of habit if you stick to the plan. Don't make it tougher on yourself than it needs to be.

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