Celebrities Who Love Kettlebells

Celebrities Who Love Kettlebells

Penelope Cruz loves kettlebells

Kettlebell Workouts and Celebrities Who Love Them

While kettlebells are not new, they have become the hot "new" way to get those toned arms and sexy abs. No, they're not your typical barbells or dumbbells. Anyone who has tried both has felt the difference. The off centered weight of a kettlebell is more effective in targeting muscles through a wider range of motion. Using kettlebell workouts, you're able to build a lean, svelte, firm shape without bulking up.

Kettlebells for Cardio

What’s great about doing kettlebell exercises is that the movements are easy to learn. Also, the moves will give you a serious cardio workout that will keep your heart rate up. The kettlebell has been creating a lot of buzz recently and many Hollywood A-listers have definitely noticed.

Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Biel, Kim Cattrall, Kim Basinger and Vanessa Hudgens all use a kettlebell workout to sculpt their hot bods. They have one thing in common - none of them look bulky! The former Mrs. Brad Pitt has always credited yoga and a healthy diet for her toned figure and not a lot of us know that she also does kettlebell exercises.

Toned Arms and Flat Stomach

In Look Magazine's January 11 issue, it was mentioned that Jennifer Aniston does a kettlebell workout at least 15 minutes a day to help keep her arms toned and her stomach flat. This teapot-looking exercise tool is so simple, yet offers a very effective training opportunity.

Top personal trainers have included the kettlebell in their routine because they know the many benefits of the exercises for the body. Other female celebrities who are huge fans of the kettlebell include Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigl.

In an article in Men's Health Magazine, Lance Armstrong was shown swinging a kettlebell. Now we know how the professional road racing cyclist gets his toned physique! Kettlebells are awesome because they are so versatile and they can help improve strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

Kettlebell Workout for the Whole Body

Compared to traditional weights, the handle of the kettelbell and its unique shape make them more challenging to balance. You can use it for weight training exercises such as squats or overhead presses and use different swinging movements for a complete body workout.

Athletes need all the help they can get to build power and muscular endurance. Doing kettlebell exercises certainly help them in more ways than we can imagine. Male celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone (who is 67 years old and his body is still fit) and Gerard Butler also credit their regular kettlebell routine to their sculpted bodies.

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