Kettlebell Rotating Lunge

Kettlebell Rotating Lunge

Step by Step Instructions for the Kettlebell Rotating Lunge

Time for another in our series on kettlebell exercises. This week, we're illustrating the proper execution of the Kettlebell Rotating Lunge routine. This exercise is for intermediate users and should be approached, as with all weightlifting exercises, with care and preparation. The muscle groups most affected by this exercise routine will be the latissimus dorsi, abdominals, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings. Don't forget to warmup before you begin your workout. If you're new to kettlebells, we strongly urge you to workout under the supervision of a fitness professional. To see our other posts on kettlebell exercises, click "kettlebells" in the Categories menu to your right.

Kettlebell rotating lunge muscle groups

Kettlebell Rotating Lunge Steps

  1. Hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest, making sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lead with your left leg, stepping forward and down into a lunge position. As you lower, turn your upper body in the direction of the right wall.
  3. Perform 12-15 repetitions for each side, driving through the heel as you return to the starting position.

kettlebell rotating lunge exercise steps

We always recommend that you work with a fitness professional to assure that you're doing your kettlebell workout using proper form and procedure, as this will help you avoid injury. This is particularly important if you're new to kettlebell exercise. If you need a referral to find a fitness coach or personal trainer near you, RX Fitness Equipment can help. Let us know what you need.

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