Kettlebell Thruster

Kettlebell Thruster

Step by Step Instructions for the Kettlebell Thruster

Kettlebells can be added to almost any exercise regime, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. The key, as in all weight lifting exercises, is to execute with care and proper form, and with the appropriate weight for your level of fitness and expertise. In this routine, we'll explain the proper execution of the Kettlebell Thruster. This is for intermediate kettlebell users, and the muscle groups most affected by this routine will be the shoulders, the triceps and the quadriceps. Always warmup before you begin this or any weightlifting workout. To see our other posts on kettlebell exercises, click "kettlebells" in the dropdown Categories menu to your right.

Muscle groups affected by Kettlebell Thruster

The Kettlebell Thruster

  1. Use the clean motion to get a pair of kettlebells to shoulder level, using the legs and hips as leverage. As you complete the clean motion, be sure to have both palms facing forward.
  2. Once you have attained this starting position, flex your knees and hips to get into a squat position with the weights between your legs. Go as low as you can, making sure to maintain a spine-neutral position throughout.
  3. Once you reach the bottom of the squat, extend your hip and knees and drive up through your heels to the starting position. As you move upwards, extend your arms straight up as you press both kettlebells.
  4. Perform 8-10 repetitions.

Kettlebell Thruster exercise step by step

This routine is for intermediate kettlebell users. We recommend that, if you're not yet to the intermediate level, it's advisable to work with a fitness professional to assure proper form and execution of your workout until you have progressed to the intermediate stage. This will help avoid injury and prevent the development of poor weightlifting habits. This is critically important for beginners to kettlebell exercise. If you need a referral for a trainer or personal coach, RX Fitness Equipment can help. Let us know what you need.

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