Strength Training

Strength Training

An Introduction to Strength Training for Newbies

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Have you ever found yourself working out with others, perhaps at the gym, and taken a look at around the other people working out there and come to the realization that your muscle tone simply isn’t as good as theirs? Even with some rudimentary strength training, you're still not making the progress you were hoping for when you started out.

Maybe you’ve been working out regularly for months but you've still found it difficult to achieve your desired muscle tone. That probably means that you also don’t have the muscle strength you want. The question now is how do you go about getting your desired results. Where do you acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve your goals?

Know What You Don't Know

Knowledge, and more importantly how to acquire it to get the results you want, is exactly what every weight-lifting novice needs to know in order to succeed. If you're relatively new to strength training, in this post we offer some weight lifting tips for you to consider.

  1. Reps are more important than weight. You have probably heard people at the gym talk about how much weight they can lift. While the numbers may be impressive, it is more repetitions with lighter weights that help build muscle definition.
    • Lower reps with heavier weights help build bulk. If it’s definition you are after, though, then you need to make the switch to lighter weights and more reps.
    • Free weights might well be the best way to go when you are starting out. This might well prevent injuries that often come with weight machines.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet. It’s not everyone that is aware of the importance of a healthy diet when weight training. The proper combination of diet and exercise is crucial to success.
    • It all begins with using protein for muscle building. You should eat high-protein foods before and after you work out.
    • Carbs are also important when you are lifting weights. Carbs act as the fuel required to keep you going and getting you to your goals that much faster.
  3. Strengthen your core. When trying to strengthen you body, a strong core is a must. It becomes easier to maintain a strength training regimen when you have a strong core. You will end up with solid back support, which can help prevent injuries. Effective core strengthening exercises include:
    • Planks are one of the most effective core strengthening exercises you can do. Your abs, lower back, and shoulders all get a great workout.
    • Balance ball routines are also effective, as they help strengthen your abs, which are part of your core.
    • Pushups are similar to planks, but they also help strengthen the upper body, which in turn makes it easier for you to lift weights.
    • Oblique twists should also be part of your exercise routine. They help the muscles directly below the obliques and help protect your spine while developing stability.

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  4. Build your endurance. Building your endurance will help you build your strength while also helping you maintain a regular weight training routine. There are several things you can do to build endurance, such as:
    • Walking as little as 10 minutes per day is a great way to start, but make sure to increase your time and speed gradually as you continue to train. It’s easy to get winded when walking, but you need to push through, knowing that over time, that feeling will go away.
    • Aerobics exercises, such as spinning, are a fabulous way to build endurance while also strengthening your muscles.
    • Swimming is another great endurance exercise, while squash and other racquet sports can also help build your endurance.

With Strength Training Always Keep Safety In Mind

Add all of these tips to your strength training regimen and you will quickly see improved muscle strength and definition in a relatively short period of time. If you're new to lifting weights, we always recommend getting professional guidance as you begin to train. This can help you avoid unnecessary soreness not to mention serious injury.

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